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Leader of the Pack

Magazine article Geographical

Leader of the Pack

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Caroline Hamilton was the expedition leader of the first team of women to reach the South Pole at 06.00 GMT on 24 January. Aged 35, she is a film financier and lives in London

WHAT WAS THE FIRST OVERSEAS PLACE THAT YOU VISITED? I went with my parents to Italy and drove around looking at frescos and things which I didn't enjoy much as a child. The strawberry ice-cream was highlight of the day.

WHAT IS YOUR IDEA OF HEAVEN ON EARTH? It's possibly being dragged in a hot bath through Antarctica, rather than me pulling this 72-kilogram sledge. Antarctica really is heaven but I'd love to do it in luxury one day.

AND HELL? Would be never being allowed outside again.

WHO ARE YOUR BEST TRAVEL COMPANIONS? I'd have to say the four women, Zoe Hudson, Ann Daniels, Rosie Stancer and Pom Oliver, with whom I've spent the last 60 days. We went through the whole journey together, as well as planning the trip for two years, and have not fallen out with each other once. I hate travelling on my own and have always travelled with family or friends.

AND WORST? Anybody who would only stay in five-star hotels and would need to change their clothes all the time rather than roughing it a bit. We didn't change our clothes for two months!

WHO IS THE MOST MEMORABLE PERSON YOU'VE MET? On this trip, the most memorable people were the American scientists we met at the National Scientific Federation base camp at the South Pole. They welcomed us with open arms and their generosity was overwhelming. …

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