Magazine article Sunset

Puffy Ornaments from Cloth or New Cellophane

Magazine article Sunset

Puffy Ornaments from Cloth or New Cellophane

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Puffy ornaments from cloth or new cellophane

Start with circles--cellophane or fabric-- to make these colorful ornaments.

Cellophane balls. Shifting iridescent colors sparkle from these multifaceted paper ornaments made from a new opalescent cellophane. The lightweight balls look like a collection of cones joined at their points.

Art supply, stationery, and crafts stores sell the 2-foot-wide cellophane for about $5 per yard (enough for at least six ornaments). You'll also need gold thread and a glue stick.

For each ornament, cut cellophane into 10 to 12 circles 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 inches in diameter. Snip each circle into quadrants, stopping about 1/4 inch from the center. Dab glue along the line to point B, roll cellophane over from point A toward B, and stick together to form a cone. Repeat for each quadrant, creating a four-cone propeller. Stack the shapes, offsetting them. Run the thread through their centers. Pull thread through, return it through an adjacent hole, and pull it carefully to draw cellophane into a ball. Then tie off the thread and use one end for hanging.

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