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Magazine article Techniques


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The Name Game

What a can of worms has been opened by the "Career or Technical, Pick One" article [Forum] I wrote for the October 1999 issue of Techniques! The general question that must be answered is, "Should specific vocational skills education be offered at the secondary or at the postsecondary level?"

The general answer is "both," under arrangements where low-level specific vocational skills leading to entry-level jobs are taught at the high school level while high-level, specific vocational skills leading to skilled jobs in the primary labor market are taught at the postsecondary level.

For my part, my major concern -- as I'm sure you must know -- is the importance of turning today's "vocational educators" into "career educators" who are involved in true, comprehensive K-12 career education programs. I must do everything I can to avoid making the term "career education" synonymous with the term "vocational education." The name change from "American Vocational Association" to "Association for Career and Technical Education" must also involve a change in functions. As I look at the ACTE name, I cannot help but view its meaning as a combination of "career education" and "technical education." Our new title says we are both "Association for Career Education" and "Association for Technical Education." Can you read it as meaning something else?

-- Kenneth B. Hoyt, Ph.D.
University Distinguished Professor
College of Education
Kansas State University
Manhattan, Kan.

Calling All High-Tech Companies

I wanted to write and commend the publication Techniques. I find it informative and interesting, I do find the advertisements somewhat puzzling in that there are few to no high-tech ads from computer companies or software companies.

The two-year colleges (at least mine) have a very large enrollment in computer programs and courses. …

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