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Magazine article American Forests


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For each nomination AMERICAN FORESTS needs the following information:

1 Correct name of the species or variety (only U.S. native and naturalized species are eligible). If you need help with identification, call your local Parks, Forest Service, or Extension office.

2 Circumference of the tree in inches at 41/2 feel above the ground. If there is a fork at this point, measure the smallest circumference below the fork. If it branches below 41/2 feet, measure the largest single stem at 41/2 feet.

3 Vertical height of the tree to the nearest foot. The mast reliable tools for this purpose ore on Abney hand level, a hypsometer, or a transit. Lacking those, you can use a straight stick. fold the stick at its base vertically at arm's length, making sure its length above your hand equals the distance from your hand to your eye. Walk backward away from the tree, staying approximately level with the tree's hose. Step when the stick above your hand appears to be the same length as the tree. You should he sighting over your hand to the base of the tree and, without moving anything but your eye, sighting over the top of the stick to the top of the tree. Measure how far you are from the tree, and that measurement--in feet--is the tree's height.

4 Average diameter of the crown to the nearest foot. Measure the widest spread of the crown and the narrowest, then add them together and divide by two.

5 Location.

6 Date measured end by whom.

7 Name and address of owner.

8 Clear photograph with date token.

9 Description of the tree's physical condition.

10 Name and address of nominator.

Send to: National Register of Big Trees, AMERICAN FORESTS, P.O. Box 2000, Washington, DC 20013.


To be eligible for listing in the National Register of Big Trees, a species must be recognized as native or naturalized in the continental United States, including Alaska but not Hawaii. …

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