Magazine article Economic Review

Al-Mumtaz Medical Complex

Magazine article Economic Review

Al-Mumtaz Medical Complex

Article excerpt

Dr. Mazhar Hussaini

ER team interviewed Dr Hussaini. Following are the excerpts:

Q. How you happened to join Al-Mumtaz Medical Complex?

A. When I returned to Pakistan after completion of my advance training in Cancer Surgery, I was looking for a fully equipped Hospital and also one that be near my residence. AlMumtaz, then nearing its completion, offered the assignment of Medical Superintendent with a complete freehand. The future planning of the Management appeared most feasible and prospects for me looked bright. I felt inclined to accept the offer and eventually I accepted it.

Q. Did you like it?

A. Of course I did, say from day number one, because the Director of the Hospital, Mr. Mukhtar Alimed, a young person of good understanding and innovative ideas, was instrumental in implementing all my plans for the betterment of the complex.

Q. Can you, excuse us if the question may sound offensive, claim your justified your assignment?

A. Its a pertinent question and I don't see any reason to mind it. Well, I had two main objectives in my mind to accomplish: first, the induction of highly qualified consultants Fellows in all specialities and the selection of skilled and devoted para-medical staff. The objective was successfully achieved, second was to create faith in public mind about the good reputation of hospital by way of best possible medical services to patients. We achieved it as well I feel pleased and satisfied to see that both my important objectives were achieved successfully and in due course. We have now reached the stage where other hospitals in the city seek the consultancy from our consultants. A big achievement if I may say so. People admire our staff, our services. I may humbly say we have made a good headway. That's all about the claim of justification of my assignment. …

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