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Broken Hearts Club

Magazine article The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)

Broken Hearts Club

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Dean Cain and Timothy Olyphant make a wish as gay pals on-screen--and bickering buddies offscreen.

Sometimes even Superman gets stuck in traffic. Dean Cain, best known for his four-year stint as the Man of Steel on TV's Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, is a little late for lunch at Los Angeles's Cafe des Artistes today, which gives Timothy Olyphant, his costar in the upcoming gay buddy film The Broken Hearts Club--A Romantic Comedy, a few minutes to razz him behind his back. "I loved asking Dean questions about Superman," reveals the 32-year-old actor, known for his edgy turns as a drug dealer in Go, a serial killer in Scream 2, and a put-upon elf in the off-Broadway adaptation of David Sedaris's SantaLand Diaries. "I asked him, `Is the suit all one piece?' and Dean goes, `The blue thing's all one, and then you pull on the red shorts.' And I said, `Well, you can call them shorts if you want to, but I think we all know they aren't shorts.'"

Such good-natured ribbing between hunks is appropriate. Set to hit theaters early this fall, The Broken Hearts Club--despite its Romantic Comedy subtitle--is primarily a movie about friendship, like its hetero predecessors Diner and The Big Chill. "I'd seen lots of coming-out movies," says the film's out writer-director, Greg Berlanti, 27, explaining what inspired him. "But I hadn't seen what happens afterward, when you develop that group of friends who become like your family. I really made the film for gay men and women in their 20s who are coming out. I wanted to say, `You're going to be OK, and your life is just as normal as anybody else's.'"

Olyphant heads the ensemble cast as Dennis, a waiter and aspiring photographer who can't decide if his friends are the best thing that's ever happened to him or the worst. Among those friends is his housemate, Cole, a part-time actor and full-time heartbreaker (played by Cain) who gets a dose of his own medicine when he has a fling with a closeted action star, played by Baywatch Hawaii's Michael Bergin. Both men play on a softball team with their fellow waiters from the Jack of Broken Hearts restaurant, a West Hollywood, Calif., eatery owned by a gay father figure played by Frasier's John Mahoney.

Today, back at our real-life restaurant, a harried but handsome Cain arrives. The two actors trade a warm embrace and sit down to catch up on each other's adventures in fatherhood. (Olyphant and his wife, Alexis, welcomed a daughter less than a year ago; Cain and his ex-girlfriend, Samantha Torres, are expecting a child in June, whom they plan to raise together.) Then the talk turns to their new gay date movie, and though they both glow with pride as they discuss the project, it doesn't take long to realize that these two of Hearts also make quite a pair of jokers.

How did you come to be involved with The Broken Hearts Club?

Olyphant: [Coproducer] Mickey Liddell, who also produced Go, said, "Pick a part." I said, "Dennis looks good." I had lunch with Greg, and it was done.

Cain: I became involved differently. Often you're given a bunch of scripts to read, and they sort of snuck it in there. I absolutely loved it.

What was it about the script that resonated?

Cain: I love the character I got, to play, Cole. He's not really a cad. He just doesn't realize what he's doing. He has no conscience. When I read the script, I was laughing out loud. I wanted to read parts of it to my friends.

Olyphant: The fact is, you read shitty script after shitty script, and anything that's good, you just think, How can I get in there?

This is a movie about friendship. At what points in your lives have your friends really been there for you?

Olyphant: My friends were everything in college. I was feeling alienated with my parents going through a divorce. My roommates and I smoked a lot of weed together. It was very therapeutic.

Cain: When I went to Princeton, the friends I played football with became the friends I lived and died with. …

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