Magazine article Sunset

They're Easy, and They Bloom Indoors ... the "Spaths."

Magazine article Sunset

They're Easy, and They Bloom Indoors ... the "Spaths."

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They're easy, and they bloom indoors . . . the "spaths'

You probably think of spathiphyllum as a medium-size house plant with glossy green leaves and anthurium-like white flowers. You aren't wrong. But you're only partly right.

If you haven't shopped for spathiphyllums (spa-thi-fie-lums) lately, you'll be surprised at the variety of kinds available. Now, "spaths' come in sizes from foot-tall dwarf varieties (just right for a desk-top), to lush 6-foot giants.

Flowers vary, too, as do leaves (see photographs). For example, the shiny leaf of "St. Mary' measures 10 by 17 inches-- more than three times longer and six times wider than the 1 1/2- by 5-inch leaf of "Wallisii'.

One new variety, "Silver Streak' (also called "Mini' or "Variegated Mini'), has a greenish white stripe down the center of its 6-inch-long leaf. And, unlike most spathiphyllums, its leaves aren't glossy.

Spathiphyllums remain one of the few house plants that bloom dependably. Some commercial growers say that "Tasson' blooms more readily.

Given the right conditions, spaths should flower from winter to late spring. …

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