Magazine article American Music Teacher

Through the Years: Index to What's New Columns

Magazine article American Music Teacher

Through the Years: Index to What's New Columns

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Following the success of Pedagogy Saturday at the 1997 and 1998 MTNA National Conferences, the February/ March 1999 issue of American Music Teacher featured the first "What's New in Pedagogy Research" column by Rebecca Grooms Johnson. The February/March 2020 AMT contained the last of her "What's New," columns. As a final farewell to Rebecca, below is a list of the "What's New" columns, their publication dates and information about the original research on which the column was based. Many thanks to her for compiling this information!

AMT Publication Date     Research Article Title

February/March 1999      Characteristics of Music Teachers and the
                         Progress of Young Instrumentalists.

June/July 1999           Enhancing the Recall of Text: Knowledge
                         Mapping Training Promotes Implicit Transfer

October/November 1999    Toward a Model of the Value Aspects of
                         Motivation in Education: Developing
                         Appreciation for Particular Learning Domains
February/March 2000      and Activities The Value of Performing from

June/July 2000           Teacher and Student Behavior in Suzuki String
                         Lessons: Results from the International
                         Research Symposium on Talent Education

October/November 2000    Effect of Instruction in Appropriate Rubato
                         Usage on the Onset Timings of Musicians in
                         Performances of Bach

February/March 2001      Factors Affecting University Music Students'
                         Perceptions of Lesson Quality and Teaching

June/July 2001           Dyslexia, Temporal Processing and Music: The
                         Potential of Music as an Early Learning Aid
                         for Dyslexic Children

October/November 2001    Children's Satisfaction with Private Music

February/March 2002      Musical Recall Memory: Contributions of
                         Elaboration and Depth of Processing

June/July 2002           Preservice Music Teachers' Conceptions of
                         Teaching Effectiveness, Microteaching
                         Experiences, and Teaching Performance

October/November 2002    Teachers' Verbal Corrections and Observers'
                         Perceptions of Teaching and Learning,

February/March 2003      Practice Expectations and Attitudes: A Survey
                         of College-Level Music Teachers and Students

June/July 2003           The Role of Self-Efficacy in a Musical
                         Performance Examination: An Exploratory
                         Structural Eguation Analysis

October/November 2003    Explaining Expressive Performance: Component
                         Cognitive Skills in an Aural Modeling Task,

February/March 2004      Musical Play: A Cased Study of Preschool
                         Children and Parents

June/July 2004           Gender Differences in Children's Experience
                         of Musical Performance Anxiety

October/November 2004    Effects of three years of piano instruction
                         on children's academic achievement, school
                         performance and self-esteem

February/March 2005      Strategies and Self-efficacy Beliefs in
                         Instrumental and Vocal Individual Practice:
                         A Study of Students in Higher Music Education.

June/July 2005           From Child to Musician: Skill Development
                         During the Beginning Stages of Learning an

October/November 2005    Performance degradation under pressure in
                         music: an examination of attentional processes

February/March 2006      Preservice String Teachers' Lesson-Planning
                         Processes: An Exploratory Study

June/July 2006           Relations Among Motivation, Performance
                         Achievement, and Music Experience Variables
                         in Secondary Instrumental Music Students

October/November 2006    Long-Term Positive Associations Between Music
                         Lessons and IQ

February/March 2007      The Effect of Various Instructional
                         Conditions on Expressive Music Performance

June/July 2007           The Pathway to Excellence: The Role of
                         Psychological Characteristics in Negotiating
                         the Challenges of Musical Development

October/November 2007    Nonverbal Communication in One-to-One Music
                         Performance Instruction

February/March 2008      Cognition and Motor Execution in Piano
                         Sight-Reading: A Review of Literature

June/July 2008           Differences between Male and Female Students'
                         Confidence, Anxiety, and Attitude toward
                         Learning Jazz Improvisation

October/November 2008    An Exploratory Study of the Role of
                         Performance Feedback and Musical Imagery in
                         Piano Playing

February/March 2009      Music Majors' Attitudes Toward Private
                         Lesson Teaching After Graduation

June/July 2009           Supporting Students' Motivation, Engagement,
                         and Learning During an Uninteresting Activity

October/November 2009    It's Not How Much; It's How: Characteristics
                         of Practice Behavior and Retention of
                         Performance Skills

February/March 2010      The Effect of Piano Lessons on the Vocabulary
                         and Verbal Sequencing Skills of Primary Grade

June/July 2010           Music performance teachers' conceptions about
                         learning and instruction: a descriptive
                         study of Spanish piano teachers

October/November 2010    Posh music should equal posh dress': an
                         investigation into the concert dress and
                         physical appearance of female soloists

February/March 2011      Interpersonal interaction within the violin
                         teaching studio: The influence of
                         interpersonal dynamics on outcomes for

June/July 2011           Playing-related musculoskeletal problems in
                         child instrumentalists: The influence of
                         gender, age and instrument exposure

October/November 2011    Performers' experienced emotions in the
                         construction of expressive musical
                         performance: An exploratory investigation

February/March 2012      Measuring distinct types of musical

June/July 2012           Finding the muse: Teaching musical expression
                         to adolescents in the one-to-one studio

October/November 2012    No disadvantage for left-handed musicians:
                         The relationship between handedness,
                         perceived constraints and performance-related
                         skills in string players and pianists

February/March 2013      The development of practicing strategies in
                         young people

June/July 2013           Perceptions of Time Spent in Teacher Talk:
                         A Comparison Among Self-Estimates, Peer
                         Estimates, and Actual Time

October/November 2013    The use of learner-generated drawings in the
                         development of music students' teacher

February/March 2014      The role of psychological needs in ceasing
                         music and music learning activities

June/July 2014           Effect of verbal praise on achievement goal
                         orientation, motivation, and performance

October/November 2014    Learning to make music in older adulthood: A
                         mixed-methods exploration of impacts on

February/March 2015      An investigation into musicians' thoughts
                         and perceptions during performance

June/July 2015           Is seeing (musical) believing? … 
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