Magazine article Consumers' Research Magazine

What the Critics Say(*)about MOVIES

Magazine article Consumers' Research Magazine

What the Critics Say(*)about MOVIES

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                    Adult Entertainment Values
                    Number of Critics Saying -- Go    ??    No

Angela's Ashes (R)                              12     2     4
An Irish Catholic boy endures a
poverty-stricken childhood

The Beach (R)                                    0    13     6
A young man travels to a remote
beach paradise

The Big Tease (R)                                0     7     4
A Scot goes to Los Angeles to compete
in a hairdressing contest

Boiler Room (R)                                  7     6     0
High-pressure stockbrokers cheat clients
out of their money

The Cider House Rules (PG-13)                    9     3     0
A boy grows up in an orphanage

The Cup (G)                                      1     1     1
Two novices in a Tibetan monastery
will do anything to catch the World
Cup soccer games

Diamonds (PG-13)                                 0     3     5
Grandpa, father, and son head to Reno,
Nevada, for reconciliation

Down to You (PG-13)                              0     4     5
Students at NYU fall in love

The Emperor and the Assassin (R)                 2     1     0
Movie about the emperor who unified
China in 221 BC

Eye of the Beholder (R)                          0     3     9
An intelligence agent falls for the
woman he's tracking

Fantasia 2000 (G)                                3     2     0
Animation set to classical music and
shown on giant IMAX screens

42 Up (PG)                                       3     0     0
Sixth installment of a biography that has
followed a handful of Brits every seven years

Galaxy Quest (PG)                               10     5     2
Sci-fi actors are abducted by aliens to
fight in an intergalactic battle

Girl, Interrupted (R)                            6     9     1
A depressed girl is shipped off to a
private mental institution

The Green Mile (R)                               8     5     1
A death row guard becomes convinced
of a condemned prisoner's innocence

Grizzly Falls (PG)                               0     0     2
Movie about a boy's relationship
with his father after the mother's death

Gun Shy (R)                                      2     1     2
Comedy about a traumatized undercover agent

Hanging Up (PG-13)                               2     2     5
Three successful sisters cope with
their grumpy father

Holy Smoke! (R) 2                                      3     2
An Australian woman's family tries to
deprogram her after a trip to India

The Hurricane (R)                               14     0     0
Biography of a boxer wrongly imprisoned
for a triple homicide

Isn't She Great (R)                              0     3     7
Tribute to best-selling writer
Jacqueline Susann

Judy Berlin (unrated)                            5     1     1
An ordinary town is made magic by an eclipse

Magnolia (R)                                    11     1     4
Episodic look at nine troubled Southern

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