Magazine article The Christian Century

Best Sellers

Magazine article The Christian Century

Best Sellers

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Christian Chaos: Revolutionizing
the Congregation
  by Thomas G. Bandy

The Celtic Way of Evangelism
  by George G. Hunter III

Move Your Church to Action
  by Kent R. Hunter

Handbook for Multi-Sensory Worship
  by Kim Miller and the Ginghamsburg
Worship Team

Some Folks Feel the Rain . . .
Others Just Get Wet
  by James W. Moore


Spinoza: A Life
  by Steven Nadler

Self and Salvation
  by David F. Ford

Cambridge Companion to Christian
  by Colin E. Gunton

The Elements of New Testament
  by J. W. Wenham

An Introduction to Judaism
  by Nicholas De Lange


The Daffy Book of Common Prayer
  by Owen Collins

Abraham Lincoln: Redeemer
  by Allen C. Guelzo

Living Before God: Deepening
Our Sense of the Divine Presence
  by Ben Campbell Johnson

The Unnecessary Pastor: Rediscovering
the Call
  by Marva Dawn and Eugene Patterson

The Letter of James (Pillar New
Testament Commentary Series)
  by Douglass J. Moo


Dietrich Bonhoeffer: A Biography
  by Eberhard Bethge; edited and
translated by Victoria J. Barnett

An Introduction to the Complete
Dead Sea Scrolls
  by Geza Vermes

Homosexuality and Christian
Faith: Questions of Conscience for
the Churches
  by Walter Wink

Texts That Linger, Words That Explode:
Listening to Prophetic
  by Walter Brueggemann; edited by
Patrick D. Miller

Saving Jesus from Those Who Are
  by Carter Hayward


Celebration of Discipline: The
Path to Spiritual Growth
  by Richard J. Foster

The World's Religions
  by Huston Smith

The Divine Conspiracy: Rediscovering
Our Hidden Life in
  by Dallas Willard

Here I Stand: My Struggle for a
Christianity of Integrity, Love and
  by John Shelby Spong

Mormon America
  by Richard and Joan Ostling


Let Your Life Speak
  by Parker J. Palmer

The Ascent of a Leader
  by Bill Thrall, Bruce McNichol and
Ken McElrath

The Minister's Manual 2000
  by James W. Cox

Receiving the Day
  by Dorothy Bass

Politics, Religion, and the Common
  by Martin E. Marty


Jesus of Nazareth, King of the
Jews: A Jewish Life and the Emergence
of Christianity
  by Paula Fredriksen

And the Sea Is Never Full: Memoirs,
  by Elie Wiesel

Teresa of Avila: The Progress of a Soul
  by Cathleen Medwick

The Battle for God
  by Karen Armstrong

The Sikhs
  by Patwant Singh

A Little Too Close to God: The
Thrills and Panic of a Life in Israel
  by David Horovitz


King David: A Biography
  by Steven L. … 
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