This Is Your History Today

Article excerpt

THERE COMES A TIME in the affairs of men and magazines when we must review our journey through life, and give thanks for those who have been our constant companions. For us, just a few short months from the fiftieth anniversary in January 2001 of our very first issue, now is just such a time. Over the last forty-nine-and-a-half years, we have been more than fortunate in the support we have had from our loyal subscribers; and it is no exaggeration to say that barely a week passes without my receiving a letter from someone who has been reading History Today since the early 1950s.

Sad though it may be for an institution devoted to the past to have to admit it, our own records of subscribers in those early days are (to say the least) incomplete. As a result, we cannot say with any certainty just which of our thousands of subscribers have subscribed to the magazine since `History Today 1 (i)', unless they make themselves known to us. I should, though, greatly like to hear from those people, and there are three good reasons why.

We should very much like to extend an invitation to our fiftieth birthday party, to be held next January, to our lifelong subscribers; and when their subscriptions come up for renewal we would like to make them a present of the next twelve month's magazines for free.

In addition, we are intending to publish an anthology of `favourite' articles that have appeared on our pages over the years. Selection is a delightful but difficult task, with so many fascinating, innovative and sometimes quirky essays to choose from, written by so many distinguished hands, and with so many changes in the style, tone and content of history over the years. …


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