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To Air Is Humor

Magazine article Editor & Publisher

To Air Is Humor

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Ok, admit it, you are -- or know someone who is -- a corrections junkie, picking up the paper every morning and turning with almost sadistic glee to the "We Goofed" box. Now there's a Web site to satisfy anyone who takes joy in others' misery.

The aptly named posts a screw-up of the day, provides extensive archives of past winners, and, if that still doesn't satisfy your error lust, it posts dozens of hyperlinks that will take you directly to the corrections pages of dozens of newspaper Web sites. A few classics from recent weeks:

The Philadelphia Inquirer confirmed it had "incorrectly implied" that a local high-school baseball game was postponed because three players were on trial for rape that day. In fact, "the game was postponed because heavy rain had left the field unplayable."

The Associated Press said it erred in stating that a boy shot at the National Zoo had died and was still hooked up to medical machines only so he could become an organ donor. …

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