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Faster Food

Magazine article Marketing

Faster Food

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Chris Moore

Marketing director

Domino's Pizza

Of all the entrepreneurs, paper millionaires and media moguls revelling in the birth of the digital age, it is hard to believe anyone is enjoying themselves quite as much as Chris Moore, 40, marketing director of Domino's Pizza.

"The whole thing is all 'fire, ready, aim' and I love it," he enthuses. As unlikely as it might have seemed only two years ago, Moore and his pizza delivery company -- perhaps best known for its fleet of wobbly mopeds -- have become British new media pioneers.

"We approached Sky when it launched digital TV and said we wanted to be the first company on their interactive service. We signed the deal almost immediately and had a system in all 95 stores inside of seven weeks."

Deals with digital operators Open, Telewest and Cable & Wireless followed. Moore is zealous about having a presence on all the new media channels and being first. "You can't measure the value of being first. We are getting experience, customer awareness and plain good deals from media providers because we are moving quickly."

Domino's web-based pizza ordering service is the only one of its kind in the UK and Moore has spent much of the past few weeks signing WAP mobile phone deals that will see the company's web site address programmed into phones prior to them leaving the stores.

The new economy is also throwing up business opportunities beyond pizza. Last month, Domino's signed a deal to deliver computer games -- and a pizza, of course -- on behalf of computer game retailer Gameplay. Announcement of the deal led to a host of approaches from third-party companies and Moore admits that such logistics -based transactions could change the nature of his business: "It was a break-through for us but pizza is still what we are about -- for the time being at least."

It is a sense of urgency, which parallels the new economy, as much as business opportunities, that stir Moore -- "I can't stand working and not seeing results." Patience is not one of his virtues, a trait he blames on a Latin business background and attitude that belies his very English appearance.

Born and raised in Bath, Moore left England at the age of 17 to live with his parents in Rio de Janeiro, where his father, an engineer, was teaching the local Navy to use British weapons systems.

After a crash course in Portuguese, Moore's career stuttered between passing flings as a restaurateur -- "I got out when the local Mafia told me it was the business or my knee caps" -- and a rock promoter-"Lost all my money on the first show". …

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