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The Lighter Side of Things

Magazine article Parks & Recreation

The Lighter Side of Things

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MetroLux Lighting designed the IL45 louver system and IL80 cutoff shield internally-mounted light control tools to help roadway lighting designers and contractors solve problems of light trespass, glare, and light pollution emanating from highway luminaires. IL45 and IL80 work with MetroLux's own MedianMaster[TM] and VA Series roadway lighting fixtures.

IL45 is a 45 [degrees] modular louver system that is mounted to reduce light pollution and annoying skyglow, while facilitating a broad light distribution pattern on the desired roadways, with sharp 45 [degrees] cutoff angles on two sides of the fixture. IL80 provides a sharp cutoff angle to ensure that 100% of wasted roadway light above 80 [degrees] is eliminated and that more light is focused directly on roadways where it is needed. Both IL45 and IL80 mount internally and readily at the factory, saving time and complication, require minimal maintenance, and ensure a clean, uncluttered appearance on light fixtures. IL45 and IL80 do not add to wind resistance and eliminates the possibility of wind damage to fixtures.



Lithonia Lighting has introduced the DuraBay Series 21" Glass High Bay Luminaires. The DuraBay series features customer-friendly attributes that make it a versatile product in addressing an array of industrial, commercial, and recreational applications.

Like the 16" version previously introduced, the 21" DuraBay luminaires are available in open, enclosed, or open and enclosed shrouded optical choices. The DuraBay Series features pleasing aesthetics with high clarity, rugged borosilicate glass. Heavy-gauge mounting brackets and sliding latches make installation easy and safe for the contractor.

They have also introduced the VR1B and VR2B Rough Service wall mount products. These compact, contemporary designs feature perimeter trim and eyelids--horizontal or vertical--to add dimension and style to traditional rough service products.

The VR1B and VR2B feature a heavy-duty cast aluminum backbox and an injection molded lens to withstand physical assault. For environmental protection, perimeter gasketing is included between the lens and backbox along with a full pad-mounting gasket. These rough service wall mounted fixtures are well suited for applications such as building facade and entrances, stairways, walkways, parking garages, and general security lighting.

Additionally, Lithonia Lighting has introduced the VW and VWC Fluorescent Wraparounds, built to endure physical assault and long years of maintenance abuse. The VW and VWC series products are ideal for corridors, entryways, meeting rooms, classrooms, locker rooms, and other public access settings.

The VW and VWC feature a new extruded polycarbonate lens that is stronger than cold-formed sheet and has cleaner and better brightness control. Standard T8 electronic ballasts and lens enhancements provide better efficiency and improved performance.

The Lithonia Lighting Group is North America's largest manufacturer of lighting fixtures and lighting related products. Call 770/922-9000 for more information about these and Lithonia Lighting's other fine products.



Musco Lighting's Light-Structure 2[TM] with 10 Club Service[TM] is the first sports-lighting system designed and manufactured as a complete system from foundation to poletop, with only five major components to install. …

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