Magazine article Occupational Hazards


Magazine article Occupational Hazards


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Leaders Needed

I agree wholeheartedly with your March 2000 editorial ("Safety Manager or Leader?"). There is far too much management and not near enough leadership today. Not only in safety, but in most areas of business and government.

Craig Schroll, CSP, CET

President, FIRECON

East Earl, Pa.

Fall Protection

In Construction Safety & Health, your supplement to Occupational Hazards (February 2000), two workers are pictured on page C6, and the caption states they are using fall protection. The worker standing on the beam is not properly attached. He is at risk for a free fall of greater than 6 feet because it appears that he has attached a shock-absorbing lanyard to a retractable Ian-yard. This is not recommended. In addition, the shock-absorbing lanyard appears to be in poor condition, and I question if it has been properly inspected. Although I agree with the importance of using fall protection, I believe it is more important to use fall protection properly.

One of the factors that continues to plague the construction industry is the lack of f all protection training that workers receive. …

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