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Magazine article Folio: the Magazine for Magazine Management

Production Quiz

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Production quiz

Whether you print your magazine web or sheetfed, long run or short run, there are things you ought to know. Basic things. Things which, if you are ignorant of them, can cost you time, money, your reputation, and my respect. So take this quiz. Then rate yourself to see how your skills stand.

1. Why is a typical web press more efficient than a sheetfed press for most magazine production?

2. If a conventional web press has two roll stands, what minimum number of printing units must it have? How many does it probably have?

3. If a magazine has a pressrun of 100,000 and uses four color on 25 percent of its pages, why would you avoid a four-unit web that has two roll stands?

4. A particular web press has a single combination folder. Your magazine is perfect bound and always includes many supplied inserts. Assuming there are two roll stands on the web, what is the problem?

5. A friend decides to start a magazine, all printed in two color. His printer suggests he run on a two-roll, four-unit web with double-former folder. What do you caution your friend to examine?

6. Your ad sales force has finally done it: All of the full-color ads are now guaranteed to be in the front half of the book. In addition, you print a 32-page, black-and-white supplier index in the back of each issue. What does this suggest about bindery choices?

7. Your printer has a 25 inch 38 inch sheetfed press (five-color with two perfecting units) and conventional size webs with double-formers, combinations and sheeters available. Your press run is 50,000. Which factors might dictate the better press for your magazine covers?

8. Why would a printer ever "sheet" deliver a web-printed cover?

9. Why can a sheetfed press do better in applying varnish than a web?

10. What is the most common cause of mediocre color printing? …

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