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Magazine article Marketing


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It's not that long ago that the average lifetime of each portion of one's career was about three years. Anything less smacked of a wayward and fickle nature.

Today's job environment however, has turned such promiscuity into the norm, and the CV of the average 24-year-old reads more like a listing from the Yellow Pages than the now-archaic quest for a job for life.

One of the results of this for the employer is the difficult task to make the right call and strike the balance between competence and transience.

Admittedly, the promiscuous approach to a career hardly gives the employee a chance to get an in-depth understanding of each position. With each move, the opportunity to grow into a position or role is lost.

The flip side, however, is that the individual will have notched up a wide range of experiences. But what does a mobile career path mean to the employee?

Transience does indeed breed diversity, but with that, the skill-sets and talent pools of these employees peak on a creative level, but drop on a management capability level. …

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