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Magazine article Training & Development


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I send you kudos regarding your April issue on retention. This is a topic I have been championing with the managers and supervisors in my company for several months. Nice job on the issue and the connectedness with the articles.

Dick Kendall

Appleton, Wisconsin

chosnpath@aol. corn


I have to comment on the article by Mark L. Alch, "Get Ready for the Net Generation" (February). I was astonished by the many sweeping generalizations stated with absolute certainty, with not one word about how [Alch] reached his conclusions about this new generational category.

How can Alch claim to be an expert on this emerging generational group? The oldest person in this Netter category (born between 1977 and 1997) is 23 so they are just beginning to enter the workforce. Most are still growing up! Yet, Alch confidently states:

* "Netters tend to use a blend of collaboration, interdependence, and networking to achieve their ends."

* "They understand that their training, skills, and abilities are the currency for getting a job and establishing a career path."

* "Netters are strong advocates of lifelong learning."

The article contains at least a dozen other generalizations about a generation that is still growing up. How does Alch know these things?

Jeff Rehm


Greenville, South Carolina

Alch's reply: In many respects, I agree with Rehm's assessment. The article was a little too matter-of-fact. Some comments could have been added to hedge a bit, such as "early indications are...." Rehm doesn't quibble with the trends I cited, saying in a later correspondence to me, "I think there is value in making educated or informed guesses as to trends in an emerging generation."

I agree the article [has] general statements not backed up by sources; there are virtually none. …

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