Magazine article Newsweek International


Magazine article Newsweek International


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"They are in a hell you can't imagine."

Vitaly Ryabov, who serves on a Russian submarine, on the 118 sailors trapped beneath the Barents Sea aboard the submarine Kursk

"Putin is in Sochi on vacation. Putin isn't leaving Sochi. The sailors on the Kursk are prisoners of his pride." A Russian political commentator, on President Vladimir Putin's decision to remain at the Black Sea resort and to deny early assistance from the British Navy

"The presidency is more than a popularity contest." Al Gore, accepting the Democratic Party's nomination for presidential candidate at last week's Los Angeles convention

"Last night we heard a laundry list of new promises... intended to cover up old failures." George W. Bush, campaigning in Tennessee, Gore's home state

"I am at the moment studying all kinds of politics in America and reaping financial gain from such activities. How American can you get? Isn't democracy such a wonderful thing?" John Lydon, a.k.a. Johnny Rotten, formerly of the Sex Pistols, on his new job as a political commentator at last week's Democratic convention, for Internet broadcaster

"Even if Shakespeare were alive, he couldn't bear to write about this human tragedy." North Korean Cho Jung-Young, forced to leave his South Korean relatives after a reunion of South and North Korean families, the first such meetings allowed by the Korean governments for 50 years

"When they gave me that political nonsense, they didn't feel like my own sons. …

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