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Newspapers, TV Nets Forge Links on Web

Magazine article Editor & Publisher

Newspapers, TV Nets Forge Links on Web

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Partnerships bring broader and deeper perspectives to their sites

You're CNN and MSNBC. You've built your businesses by breaking world and national news. You're a daily newspaper. You've built your business serving your community, from high-school sports to town-council meetings.

Global, meet local.

The cable TV networks have found that, for all their global reach, building user loyalty in the digital age requires following the same

rules that apply in real estate: It's local, local, and local. But CNN or MSNBC can't send reporters to your town's zoning board meetings, any more than your newspaper can have a camera crew shoot its own footage of plane crashes and forest fires for the online edition.

Which is why cable networks and newspapers find themselves echoing the immortal words of Monty Hall and deciding to play "Let's Make a Deal."

This summer, both and are launching initiatives with newspapers around the country. In exchange for the rights to use cable TV network video on their Web sites, newspapers are providing the network news sites with local news stories. announced in late July an agreement to carry local news from the online editions of The Arizona Republic (, the Boston Herald (, and the Seattle Post- Intelligencer (http:// "We're looking for local angles on national stories, as well as purely local stuff," said Uli Haller, manager of the local affiliate program at

The deals are apparently nonexclusive since the CNN Online Newspaper Affiliate program is expected to launch this summer with 25 to 35 newspapers, including The Arizona Republic and the Boston Herald. Among the others are the New York Daily News (, the Houston Chronicle (, and The Detroit News (http://

"It's enormously attractive to have this on our Web site," said Rich Rosen, executive editor for new media at the Daily News. The News is already running video on its Web site, a kind of "beta version" of the affiliate program. "An instance like the Concorde crash -- to have video capacity for this kind of big-time, compelling news story -- will drive users to our site."

In exchange, gets three of what Rosen calls "New York-centric" stories. …

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