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Two bugs with one bomb

Cornell University entomologist Jeffrey G. Scott sees a cockroach contraceptive as still being a long way off ("Birth control for male cockroaches," SN: 4/15/00, p. 255). He may wish to investigate such a product that has been very effective and on the market for years. I can personally attest to its effectiveness. The common "flea bomb" that one gets from a veterinarian--the kind that you put in the middle of a room, close the door on, and let go--also sterilizes any resident cockroaches. (You get two nuisances eliminated for the price of one.) The lifetime of the roach apparently is about 30 days, because after that time, their population disappears.

John D. Shotzbarger Minneapolis, Minn.

Too cool

The article "It's high tide for ice age climate change" (SN: 4/15/00, p. 246) may be confusing to readers who don't know the quantitative difference between an ice age and a little ice age, as referred to in the story. During the last ice age, the average cooling in the Northern Hemisphere was about 5 [degrees] C, but the cooling during the last little ice age was only about 0.2 [degrees] C. During the last little ice age, montane glaciers advanced in both hemispheres. However, during the last ice age, much of North America and Europe were covered by glacial ice. This should all be compared with global warming of about 0.6 [degrees] C during the 20th century. Too bad that the next little ice age isn't expected until the 22nd century.

Paul Damon Tucson, Ariz.

Blast the zappers

In doing your usual excellent job of presenting information in interesting and lighthearted ways, you implied that bug zappers control mosquitoes ("Mosquito magnets," SN: 4/22/00, p. …

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