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Rare Trophy Fish

Magazine article Arts & Activities

Rare Trophy Fish

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This art lesson evolved from summer days spent fishing with my husband on a chain of lakes in northern Wisconsin. These lakes are habitats for a wide variety of fish including walleye, perch, musky, bass, bluegill and pumpkin seed.

Fishermen often have these fish mounted and displayed in their homes, offices and cottages. In fact, many adorn the walls of lodges and cottages around the northern-lakes area. After looking at these mounted trophy fish, it dawned on me that my third-graders could catch some unusual trophy fish of their own in the art room.

On the first day of school, my third-graders and I shared some of our fishing stories. We talked about the fish we caught, the big one that got away and the monster musky that Grandpa had hanging on his den wall. While describing these fish, we realized that they were really made up of elements of design.

We discussed the lines, shapes, colors, textures, dimensions of form and repetition that created the patterns on each fish. Our next step was to create our own unusual, previously undiscovered fish.

We brainstormed some ideas and wrote them down on the marker board. These suggestions ranged from a #2 pencil fish to a tuna-fish sandwich fish. The students decided that any animal, person or object could be transformed into a fish as long as a tail and fins were added.

Students began by sketching three different ideas from which they could choose one favorite sketch. They transferred this sketch to a 12" x 18" sheet of white drawing paper. The students added color using a wide variety of colored markers. Some chose to outline their sketch with permanent black marker before adding the color.

Once the drawings were completed, a 12" x 18" sheet of colored construction paper was placed behind the drawing and both sheets were cut out together. These two sheets were pasted together by outlining the back edge of the drawn fish with glue. …

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