Magazine article Sunset

Indoor-Outdoor Game Table

Magazine article Sunset

Indoor-Outdoor Game Table

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You paint the pattern on the glass top

Not rain, nor sleet, nor even spilled milk will harm this transparent game board--it's painted on the underside of a glass tabletop. The dark red checkerboard resembles fused glass but is simple to make: Just spray-paint the pattern on 3/s-inch safety glass. The pattern is cut out of adhesive-backed shelf paper, which is affixed to the glass. The paint, a Krylon color called Stained Glass, is available at art supply and crafts stores for about $6 per can.


Work in a protected outdoor area--a covered patio or open garage--with good air circulation.

TIME: One day

COST: About $100 for table (this one cost $89) and materials


* Glasstop table, at least 22 inches square

* One roll of white adhesive-backed shelf paper

* Masking tape

* Pen

* Yardstick

* Single-edge razor blade

* Glass cleaner

* 1 can Krylon Stained Glass spray paint

1 Remove the glass from the base. …

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