Magazine article Landscape & Irrigation

Who's Right?

Magazine article Landscape & Irrigation

Who's Right?

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Buying a truck that works for you is not always the easiest thing in the world, considering the total expense. It's something that needs to be considered carefully -- beforehand.

Throughout my 30 years in the car business, I've helped many people make choices. What color? What model? What equipment? When I switched to selling truck bodies, I thought, "This will be nice; I won't face all those decisions."

Now, two years later, I have reached an understanding. People in the green industry are faced with just as many (maybe more) decisions when buying a truck Like many other industries, ours is experiencing unprecedented growth, and with that comes demand for equipment.

If you've been to an industry trade show recently, you have certainly seen a vast array of new equipment. If, however, you want to get this equipment to the jobsite, you need a truck.

Some decisions come down to likes and dislikes, and decision-makers definitely have preferences. You are not likely to sell a gasoline engine to a diesel-lover; and if his heart is set on four-wheel-drive, you may be wasting your time explaining the benefits of two-wheel-drive.

As for the transmission, this is one item that should not necessarily be based on preference. The tremendous improvements in automatic transmissions have more or less dismantled the notion that a standard shift is more economical. Also -- let's be honest -- there is a percentage of people new to the workforce who aren't on a first-name basis with the workings of a clutch. Add the maintenance expenses and the automatic seems like a pretty good idea.

Air conditioning? Some swear by it, others swear at it. One customer explained, "My guys would never get out of the truck."

After making all the standard decisions like wheelbase, cab-to-axle measurement, GVW and cab size, make sure to choose the proper chassis. This may require asking several questions, but get them answered. …

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