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Telemarketing has come a long way in recent years. Advances in technology mean that customer relationship management is more feasible than ever, and the telephone is an unbeatable means of building one-to-one communication with the customer.

But underneath the veneer lurks a staffing crisis brought about by customer demand. It is no longer sufficient for a call-handler to simply be polite while reading from a script. The customer wants more.

Naturally there's pressure on call operators to meet this challenge. But without proper training, providing this level of service will continue to be almost impossible. It's unfortunate that the measure of success in the industry remains quantity of calls over quality of service.

It's no secret that attracting staff with good qualifications is difficult, but it is hardly surprising when the industry has the image of being a stop-gap for many people who have no intention of taking a job for life. And the pay is poor. …


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