New Zealand History Net / Nga Korero Tuku Iho O Aotearoa

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New Zealand History Net / Nga Korero Tuku Iho o Aotearoa

LAUNCHED IN MARCH 1999 by the History and Heritage Units of New Zealand's Ministry of Culture and Heritage, this is no fusty institutional site. It aims to be the `first port of call' for New Zealand history, and its on-line exhibitions and essays certainly reveal some of rich diversity of the islands' past,

While the essays hosted here are primarily connected to recent publications, and would be most useful for students seeking rapid information, the gallery of on-line exhibitions includes some innovative presentations and effective use of multimedia, appealing to a more varied audience. The latest addition, which celebrated Maori language week in July 2000, includes audio files for pronunciation, as well as a history of the language. Likewise, the history of New Zealand Centennial Exhibition of 1939/40 is told through text, photographs and films to play and to download, The range of materials covered here is impressive, from a comprehensive survey of New Zealand War Memorials to the campaign for the female vote, a history of food and drink and materials from the ongoing revision of the New Zealand Dictionary of National Biography. …


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