Magazine article Negro History Bulletin

HOWARD: A Selected Bibliography about the University and Its People

Magazine article Negro History Bulletin

HOWARD: A Selected Bibliography about the University and Its People

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The Department of History at Howard University cannot be understood separate from the history of Howard University. History faculty members are a part of both the positive and negative experiences of the past and the present of this community. This bibliography draws upon that heritage. The history department, for example, is represented by scholars and teachers like Rayford Logan and Chancellor Williams in the past, and Joseph Harris in the present. The political science department ranges from Ralph Bunche to Ronald Walters; English from Arthur Davis to Toni Morrison; and anthropology from W. Montague Cobb to Michael Blakey. In every area, the contributions of the past are found in the present intellectual life of the University and what it offers to the world.

The bibliography, of course, is extremely selective. It is intended only to suggest the range of available sources. The Moorland-Spingarn Research Center (MSRC) does keep a record of publications by the Howard faculty, along with a record of official university publications. Both of these record groups constitute part of the MSRC's "Howardiana" Collection.

To identify the main content of each item in the bibliography, the following abbreviations may appear at the end of that item. If so, the abbreviation is enclosed in brackets.

aaa:   Department of African
aal:   administration/alumni
ant:   Department of Anthropology
art:   Department of Art
bus:   School of Business
bzo:   Department of Biology and
che:   Department of Chemistry
cla:   Department of Classics
com:   School of Communications
den:   College of Dentistry
div:   School of Divinity
dra:   Department of Drama
eco:   Department of Economics
edu:   College of Education
eng:   Department of English and
gen:   general source; non-specific
his:   Department of History
lan:   Department of Languages
law:   School of Law
lib:   Library/Archives
med:   College of Medicine;
       School of Medicine
mat:   Department of Mathematics
mil:   Department of Military
mus:   Department of Music
peu:   Department of Physical
pha:   College of Pharmacy
phi:   Department of Philosophy
phy:   Department of Physics
psc:   Department of Political
psy:   Department of Psychology
soc:   Department of Sociology
swk:   School of Social Work

Manuscript Collections

(All are in the Moorland-Spingarn Research Center at Howard University, unless otherwise noted.):

Examples of collections directly related to Howard University include the following: Benjamin G. Brawley, James Adlai Cobb, Benjamin William Cook, A. Mercer Daniel, Frederick Douglass, Charles R. Drew, James Stanley Durkee, E. Franklin Frazier, Mordecai Wyatt Johnson, Alain Locke, Rayford Logan (see also Manuscript Division, Library of Congress), Kelly Miller, Jesse Moorland, Jeremiah Rankin, Emmett Jay Scott (Beulah Davis Special Collection, Soper Library, Morgan State University, Baltimore, MD), Lucy Diggs Slowe, LeRoy W. Tibbs, Leigh R. Whipper, Daniel Hale Williams, and Carter G. Woodson.

Unpublished Works, Theses, Dissertations:

Bloomfield, Maxwell. "John Mercer Langston and the Rise of the Howard Law School." (Vertical File, Moorland-Spingarn Research Center, Howard University, Washington, D.C.). [law]

Bryant, Otis. "The Howard University Protest Movement: A Quest for Student Empowerment, 1965-1970." M.A. thesis, Howard University, 1992. [gen]

Collins, Paul Leon. "The Self-Perceived Problems of International Students Attending Howard University." Ph.D. diss., The George Washington University, 1976. [gen]

Dailey, Maceo Crenshaw. "Emmett Jay Scott: The Career of a Secondary Black Leader." Ph.D. diss., Howard University, 1983. [aal]

Dorsey-Young, Flora. "Value Socialization of the Black Physician: The Howard University College of Medicine A Case Study. …

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