Security Council Hears Argentinian Complaint against United Kingdom, Takes No Action

Article excerpt

`Dangerous situation' considered Security Council hears Argentinian complaint against United Kingdom, takes noaction

The Security Council on 17 March considered a complaint by Argentina about "the situation created in the South Atlantic by the United Kingdom Government's decision to conduct military manoeuvres in the Falklands Islands (Malvinas) from 7 to 31 March". Thirty speakers participated in the debate. The Council adjourned without a draft resolution having been tabled.

Dante Caputo, Minister for External Relations and Worship of Argentina, told the Council a "dangerous situation" had been created in the South Atlantic by the United Kingdom's decision to make a "display of strength" there at a time when indirect contacts were under way to create machinery to avoid military incidents there. The situation gave rise to tension and insecurity, and pose a threat to international peace.

Since the restoration of democracy in the country in 1983, Argentina had displayed every evidence of its determination to seek a negotiated solution to its dispute with the United Kingdom over the Malvinas, Mr. Caputo said. The British decision disregarded negotiations as a basis for the settlement of disputes, and was intended to consolidate colonial domination of the Malvinas. …


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