Magazine article American Libraries

Thus Said

Magazine article American Libraries

Thus Said

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"[Libraries are] the neglected stepchild in the fight to improve education. In today's information age, libraries should be having a renaissance, not struggling to survive."

U.S. Sen. CHARLES E. SCHUMER (D-N.Y.), quoted in an editorial in the White Plains (N.Y.) Journal News, August 20

"I can't tell you how many times I've seen someone come in and ask one of the librarians for information. They say, 'I was looking for that for three days, and it only took her three clicks ... to find it.'"

CHRIS TAYLOR, assistant director of the Columbus (Ohio) Metropolitan Public Library, commenting on whether the Internet will render libraries obsolete, Columbus Dispatch. August 6.

"A library is a public entity. Whether someone is wealthy or homeless, by law they are entitled to the same respect and accommodation."

KARY MOSS, director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan, commenting on the Royal Oak (Mich.) Public Library's decision to hire a monitor who will call police when patrons break library rules, Detroit Free Press, August 2.

"I don't think [being matronly] requires an age, it's an attitude. When people no longer have any sexual zing. It's the funky librarian look, Mumsy, skirts full, eyewear outdated, a missing sexual energy, an attachment to the past."

DENISE BUTCHKO, Chicago image consultant, Chicago Tribune, August 30.

"Cities should protect their libraries, not look to do away with them."

HELEN SANDOVAL, a patron of the Hazel Park (Mich.) Memorial Library, which may be forced to move out of the city-owned building it occupies (see p. …

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