Magazine article Technos: Quarterly for Education and Technology


Magazine article Technos: Quarterly for Education and Technology


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I was rather shocked at the tone of your editorial in the Winter 1999 issue of TECHNOS. Michael Sullivan resorts to a strategy of intimidation to beat up on professionals in schools when he ought to be showing them how technology might help them with their jobs. His argument that computers will replace people, although it holds elements of truth, oversimplifies the reality of life in schools.

Case in point: My most important contact with the school counselor in our teenagers' high school this year was during the aftermath of the accidental death of one of our oldest son's fellow students. The counselor's help to our son and his friends was heartfelt, timely, and effective. We will never forget its importance.

I challenge Mr. Sullivan to show me how a computer will replace this counselor, or any high school counselor, at such a moment.

GARY GREENBERG Videodesk Productions Dayton, OH


I'd like to thank you for including the interviews with Jane Healy and Paul Levinson in your Winter 1999 issue of TECHNOS on the Web. I am a writer, hired by Houghton Mifflin Company to develop content for a Web site to accompany their best-selling education text, Those Who Can, Teach (ninth edition) by Kevin Ryan and James M. Cooper. An important focus of the ninth edition is the use of technology in education, and part of my job in developing content for the site was to find useful, thoughtful material on the Web to both support and extend Ryan and Cooper's discussion of this topic. …

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