Magazine article Folio: the Magazine for Magazine Management


Magazine article Folio: the Magazine for Magazine Management


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PANELISTS: Michael Grossman, creative director, World Publications, and an editorial/design consultant. Maryjane Fahey, principle of Maryjane Fahey Design.



The attitude-heavy concept cover is appealing, but it will be a challenge to equal month after month. The logo has been "unrefined"--it's a little coarser and brasher looking. Rooflines are small but prominently placed; use of recurring section titles smartly telegraphs interior structure.


The text type/leading combo is about the largest ever seen in a magazine not aimed at the very young or old. This means a sense that there is much less stuff. Side tabs are cute, but too intermittent to be truly effective. Most individual page designs deserve good grades, but the cover feature looks strangely advertorial.


Interoperability with the companion Web site is the conceit here. The big type certainly leaves you feeling the content must be somewhere else, which may drive readers to the Web--or to another information source altogether.


It's laudable to see a redesign step outside the box. A lot about this design is fresh, much of it perversely so (e.g., text type larger than secondary coverlines). But though it's deteriorated lately, over the years Macworld has been very well designed, and while the new design does a lot to simplify, organize and incorporate the Web, the result is a magazine that seems to deliver less.



The new Macworld cover is much more crisp and modern. …

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