Magazine article The Christian Century

Best Sellers

Magazine article The Christian Century

Best Sellers

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1. Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible

edited by David Noel Freedman et al,

2. The Story of Ruth

by Joan D. Chittister and John August Swanson

3. Help My Unbelief

by Fleming Rutledge

4. A Charles Williams Reader

by Charles Williams

5. The Fingerprints of God

by Robert Farrar Capon

Trinity International

1. The End of the World and the Ends of God: Science and Theology on Eschatology

edited by John Polkinghorne and Michael Welker

2. Comparing Spiritualities: Formative Christianity and Judaism on Finding Life and Meeting Death

by Bruce D. Chilton and Jacob Neusner

3. Jesus Two Thousand Years Later

edited by James H. Chalesworth and Walter P. Weaver

4. A Private Woman in Public Spaces: Barbara Jordan's Speeches on Ethics, Public Religion, and Law

by Barbara Ann Holmes

5. The Feast of the World's Redemption: Eucharistic Origins and Christian Mission

by John Koenig


1. Here I Stand

by Bishop John Shelby Spong

2. The Four Witnesses

by Robin Griffith-Jones

3. Streams of Living Water

by Richard J. Foster

4. Ruthless Trust

by Brennan Manning

5. Best Christian Writing 2000

edited by John Wilson


1. And The Sea Is Never Full: Memoirs, 1968

By Elie Wiesel

2. Teresa Of Avila: The Progress of a Soul

by Cathleen Medwick

3. The Last Great Revolution: Turmoil and Transformation in Iran

by Robin Wright

4. The Battle for God

by Karen Armstrong

5. The Sikhs

by Patwant Singh

6. A Little Too Close to God: The Thrills and Panic of a Life in Israel

by David Horovitz

7. Lying Awake

by Mark Salzman


1. Introduction to Judaism

by Nicholas de Lange

2. Philosophical Zen Buddhism

by Dale S. Wright

3. Cambridge History of Judaism, Vol. 3: The Early Roman Period

by William Horbury

4. Agape, Eros, Gender

by Francis Watson

5. Coleridge, Philosophy and Religion

by Douglas Hedley

Westminster John Knox

1. Proverbs (Interpretation: A Bible Commentary for Teaching and Preaching)

by Leo G. Purdue

2. Sweet Summer: A Novel

by William Kelley

3. Sign of the Cross: The Prosecutor's True Story of a Landmark Trial Against the Klan

by John W. Phillips

4. Praying Twice: The Music and Words of Congregational Song

by Brian Wren

5. The Westminster Collection of Christian Meditations

compiled by Hannah Ward and Jennifer Wild


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