Corporate Branding Confirmed as the Currency of Internet Success

Article excerpt

State-of-the-art web sites are no guarantee of success on the internet. Strong companies, online as well as offline, invest in their brand.

Latest figures from MMXI Europe's top ten tables for October in the UK clearly show the internet is dominated by companies with strong corporate brands. Those able to adapt their site content to attract both local and global audiences will be the long-term winners.

By comparing data for global domains (international brands) and domains (individual web sites) in the UK, we can spot the key players of the future. MSN, Yahoo, Microsoft and Passport are all global brands that are equally popular in local markets and across the world.

All these companies offer very similar services -- they get people on to the internet and help navigate them through the plethora of different sites and destinations. What differentiates them from each other is not so much the content they offer as their brand values.

According to the data, some UK-only domains such as Freeserve do well against the popularity of global brands in the UK. This is a pattern MMXI data observes across Europe, with one or two very strong local domains giving global brands a run for their money. …


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