Knowledge Access Releases COMPACT Directories on CD-ROM & Floppy Disk

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Knowledge Access Releases COMPACT Directories on CD-ROM & Floppy-Disk

Knowledge Access International President Dr. Matilda Butler has recently announced the new KAware2 COMPACT Directory Product Line of databases for business, research, and the professions. Titles include: Gale Global Access: Associations on CD-ROM; Directory of Library & Information Professionals on CD-ROM; Construction Activity Locator on CD-ROM; Real Estate Transfer Database on CD-ROM: Massachusetts & Connecticut; YMC Your Marketing Consultant on CD-ROM: Advanced Consumer and Advanced Business-to-Business: NATASHA: National Archive on Sexuality Health & Adolescence on CD-ROM; California Manufacturers Register: Database Prospect System; Harris Selectory State Industrial Directories on Diskette: Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri; Harris Selectory of American Electronic Manufacturers; and Classified Directory of Wisconsin Manufacturers. Directories range in price from $249-$5,800 with the average price from $495-$995.

Dr. Butler said, "Today, marketing and sales professionals need more than just a name and address mailing list to successfully compete in a complex marketplace. Managers want sales tools to help them identify precisely defined target markets, build detailed customer profiles, and track results. The new KAware2 COMPACT Directory technology turns directory databases into productivity systems for personal computer users. Knowledge Access is known for 'smart disks' that go beyond search and retrieval to post-retrieval functionality."

Butler continued, "The current generation of KAware2 COMPACT Directories feature post-retrieval functions that users have told us they want--forms can be generated; custom reports designed; mailing labels and index cards printed; numeric data ranked and tabulated; custom formulas computed from the retrieved data; records can be transferred to personal database managers, word processors, and spreadsheets. There's an auto-dial for telemarketing follow-up...and, even the user-added notes are searchable!"

The easy-to-use KAware2 Retrieval System is menu and command driven with pull-down windows; context-sensitive on screen help; function-key prompts; express and novice branches; full Boolean, truncated terms, keyword, and numeric range searchers. …


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