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Catholic Tastes

Magazine article U.S. Catholic

Catholic Tastes

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JUDGE NOT ... Three theologians lost a lawsuit they had filed on behalf of Jesus Christ in a Munich, Germany court against both the Roman Catholic Church and Protestant churches. The plaintiffs took the churches to court for bringing Christ's name into disrepute. According to Reuters (May 25, 2000), the theologians, who called themselves "brothers in Spirit" of Christ, sued under a law that lets people defend their dead relatives' reputations. They argued that the churches' "bloody history," particularly their role in wars, made their calling themselves Christian "a fraud."

The judge dismissed the case, ruling that it would infringe upon the country's constitutionally guaranteed religious freedom. He also argued that, since Christians believe Christ rose from the dead, his "brothers" had no right to bring a case on his behalf.


When the topic of exorcisms surfaced in the news again recently, we received the following joke via an anonymous e-mail.

"Question: What happens when you don't pay your exorcist?"

"Answer: You get repossessed."

FLOWER POWER "One of my colleagues recently moved into a new parish," writes the Tablet's columnist Pastor Ignotus (Sept. 2, 2000). "On his first day, he went into the church to have a look and saw two vases of flowers standing on the altar. Thinking that they looked a little awkward, he put them down on the floor.

"A few months later (months, not days) he went to his first local deanery conference. He introduced himself to another priest as the new man at St. Mary's. `Ah, you're the one that moved the flowers. …

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