Secrets of the Incas

Article excerpt


Discovery Channel takes us on a journey to the Sacred Valley in Peru where the ancient myths of the Incas are being decoded

From Ecuador to Central Chile, the Inca Empire was once powerful, knowledgeable and wealthy, but in the face of 170 invading Spanish conquistadors, their vast society mysteriously collapsed in the mid-16th century. Could the stars hold the secret to the downfall of one of history's greatest empires? In Secrets of the Incas, Dr William Sullivan continues his 20-year quest to prove that the mythology of the Andean people holds the key to the Inca's history and vast knowledge of astronomy. He shows how, in effect, what was happening in the heavens was mirrored by what was happening on Earth. The programme discloses new, astronomically significant archaeological evidence discovered by two Peruvian brothers, Fernando and Edgar Elorrieta, in the valley of the Urubamba river -- the so-called Sacred Valley of the Incas. The Elorrietas reveal that throughout the valley, there are enormous animal effigies comprising whole mountainsides. Some are natural formations, while others have been created by the selective placement of agricultural terraces. All the animals depicted -- including the toad, llama and condor -- are also represented in the sky, in the Milky Way, as Inca animal constellations. It is these animals, says Dr Sullivan, whose antics in Inca myth encrypt the Inca knowledge of precessional time. …


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