SnapNames Launches New Online Service for Securing Domain Names

Article excerpt

SnapNames, Inc. has announced that its Web site,, is active and available for users to secure, monitor, and protect domain names. The site has been in development for a year with leading domain name registrars, and has been beta tested by intellectual property attorneys at major law firms across the nation.

The site's cornerstone feature is Snap-Back, a service that protects domain name registrants from all known perils--including domain name hijacking, employee sabotage, accidental deletion, and accidental cancellation due to failure to renew. Snap-Back's subscribers will receive instant notification whenever their domain name records are modified in any way, providing an early warning in the event of a malicious or accidental alteration. If a domain name is somehow deleted from the registry, it will be immediately "snapped back" with a 1-year registration on behalf of the subscriber.

Snap-Back can also be used by prospective domain name buyers to get a second chance at securing a domain they've always wanted. With 90 percent of the domain names currently inactive, many will quietly expire and return to the pool. Since an average of 10,000 domain names expire every day, premier real estate in cyberspace becomes continually available. With Snap-Back, the subscriber is alerted to any changes in the domain record, and if the name returns to the pool, it will be immediately registered on behalf of the subscriber. The Snap-Back service is priced at $35 for 3 years of continuous monitoring.

"We priced Snap-Back at under $1 per month, per name, to encourage corporations to protect all of their domain names, not just the ones presently in use," said Ron Wiener, SnapNames' co-founder and CEO. "Like house burglars, domain name hijackers will strike at inactive domain names because it's easier to go undetected. So many valuable domain names are lost this way, and many more expire needlessly every day because corporations have a difficult time tracking intangible assets such as domain registrations."

J. Scott Evans, of Adams, Schwartz & Evans, executive vice president of ICANN's Intellectual Property Constituency, and one of the initial drafters of the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP), said: "The SnapNames service provides a check in an imperfect environment that surrounds domain names. …


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