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Instant Access to D&B Database

Magazine article Information Today

Instant Access to D&B Database

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Instant Access To D&B Database

Dun & Bradstreet Credit Services has announced its first CD-ROM software and data system. The product, Duns Reference Plus, delivers various levels of D&B information through a single personal computer workstation.

"Duns Reference Plus lets customers choose exactly how much information they need to support any business decision, and makes that information available from one source," says William T. Whitenack, senior vice president of product marketing for Credit Services.

"We're helping customers process their orders more efficiently," he says. "The CD-based system is a fast, organized method for obtaining the business information managers need."

The Duns Reference Plus system combines three capabilities to give D&B customers both faster access to, and greater flexibility with, more business information. First, D&B's CD-ROM disc stores reference data on more than 4 million companies and trade styles. Second, communications software automatically connects the user's personal computer to the Dun & Bradstreet data-base by modem to allow full access to D&B reports. Third, Report Management capabilities built into Duns Reference Plus software let customers easily store D&B reports on their hard disk, for later use.

Duns Reference Plus operates with any IBM PC, XT, AT, or PS/2, or 100 percent compatible personal computer, and any compact disc reader that supports Microsoft Extension software.

Duns Reference Plus uses compact disc technology to store the equivalent of up to 1,600 floppy diskettes, or 200,000 types pages, of D&B information on a single CD and is published six times a year. The data on the disc includes a firm's D&B Rating; up to six SIC codes, with translations available; up to five trade styles; D-U-N-S Number and parent company D-U-N-S Number; and the firm's telephone number and full street address. Parent company, branch location and trade style information is also available from the disc and accessible instantly.

Additional information is available directly from D&B's database on more than 9 million public and private U.S. firms. At the touch of a button, Duns Reference Plus' communications software automatically connects to D&B's database via modem without requiring additional user input. The reference data on the disc and the link to the database give customers the appropriate level of D&B information to support any decision. …

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