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Magazine article Marketing

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Six senior marketers reveal to Glare Newsome the technology they most rely upon during their week, and how it helps them manage work more efficiently


President of corporate services, Dataworkforce

"My favourite technology? It has to be the internet. When I used to work with direct response I would dream of something like it: one-to-one contact with customers and instant response. Buyers who come looking for you.

"To think of the number of years we ignored it and yet now we're not far away from every individual walking around with the net on their wrist, not to mention access from any room of their house. I just don't know how we managed before. For example, picked up an old floppy disk the other day, from 1984. It had my whole year's campaign work for BA on it. I couldn't get half a logo on a floppy now.

"But there are downsides, for example, the craft quality that existed before Macs is now rare -- computers can be too accurate. Also, all clients expect results in hours where we used to have weeks.

"No machine in the world can duplicate creativity -- thank God. A good idea will still surprise everyone, but technology allows you to develop more ideas more quickly."


Marketing manager, Dotmusic

"My mobile phone seems permanently attached to my right hand. If my agency can't get hold of me in the office, they know they can call or text me wherever I am. It takes a lot of pressure away -- I don't find myself wasting so much time.

"Another technology essential is Microsoft Outlook, which I've been using in one form or another for six years. It gives me e-mail, a diary and task management. I'd be lost without it as I don't keep another diary.

"My job is to communicate, and e-mail makes that so much quicker. You can get caught up in a phone call, but an e-mail takes just seconds to write and copy to several people at once.

"However, in using the phone less you have to be careful that you don't lose perspective or the emotional side.

"Of course, I also use the internet a lot, but I don't really see that as a technology. It's just another media or form of entertainment -- playing games across it is great. And once they go mass market, broadband networks will change the way people work and play."


Marketing director, Work 24

"It's my e-mail rely upon most -- though it's a close call between that and my mobile phone. I follow technology like WAP, but I'm not interested if it's just the latest gizmo; I want real-world benefits. The best part of my e-mail package is the company-wide electronic diary, which makes scheduling meetings so much quicker and easier.

"I was at a company before where I couldn't understand why people were telling me I'd missed meetings I'd known nothing about. We later found out only half of people were connected to the electronic diary system, with the other half running totally separate schedules. It shows how brilliant technology can be, but also how useless it is if not used properly.

"My mobile phone is also vital. I only spend about 10% of my work time at my desk, so a fixed phone line is becoming increasingly irrelevant.

"E-mail on my mobile phone will be even more useful, but until screens get better I'm going to get a handheld PDA, so I can download e-mails from my PC and read them anywhere. …

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