Magazine article International Wildlife


Magazine article International Wildlife


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Good Old Mom

Thanks for all those intellectually challenging articles in the November/December issue-from peace in the Holy Land to tourism in Thailand. But when all is said and done, what I found most appealing about this issue is the "Maternal Instincts" photo layout at the end. Those endearing pictures by Anup and Manoj Shah tug at the heartstrings. But more than that, they remind us at the emotional level of just why wildlife is important. Look at those majestic photos of mothers and young, fellow species on Earth. Then imagine losing them. It's to save animals such as these that we are conservationists.

Elizabeth and Robert Bryer

Seattle, Washington

Code Word for Abortion?

In "The NWF View" [November/December], Mark Van Putten states, "...NWF advocates for international assistance that helps developing nations fund voluntary family planning information and services for millions who can't afford them."

"Voluntary family planning information" are recognizable code words for "abortion and contraception availability." I am sure many members, including myself, are not supportive of this "advocacy." By any stretch of the imagination, for what reason is a wildlife federation involved in advocating abortion availability? Please have the courtesy to publicly explain this, Mr. Van Putten.

Robert L. Mayer

Wheaton, Illinois

Editor's reply: United States law prohibits the use of international family planning funds for abortions, so that is not the issue. Says NWF President and Chief Executive Officer Mark Van Putten, "There are no code words nor hidden agendas here. NWF supports international family planning assistance because it is a factor in helping slow soaring birthrates that are rapidly overwhelming the natural resources needed to support people and wildlife alike. Neither conservation nor environmental protection efforts can possibly succeed unless human population growth is slowed. NWF's support for international family planning assistance is a commonsense response to a daunting reality that must be faced if we are to shape a healthy and sustainable future for people and wildlife worldwide."

Walrus and Research

I found the photo in the November/December issue of the walrus with monitoring devices attached to tusk and head disturbing ["In Search of the Tooth Walker"]. …

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