Magazine article Sunset

Flowering Branches Say Spring

Magazine article Sunset

Flowering Branches Say Spring

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* There's nothing like large vases filled with blooming branches to announce the arrival of spring. Just trim the branches from deciduous flowering trees or shrubs, arrange them in a vase, and watch the delicate buds unfurl. Pruning at this time of year is good for your tree too; it thins out the canopy so branches won't be overcrowded. Follow the steps below to create your own spectacular arrangement. If you don't have a flowering tree or shrub, you can buy blooming branches at many floral shops. DESIGN: Jill Slater

TIME: 15 to 20 minutes

COST: About $15 to 20 for a bunch of branches from a florist


* Pruning shears or loppers

* Ladder

* Vase

* Floral preservative


1. Prune your tree. When buds show color or a few flowers are beginning to open, choose a branch that's crowding other branches or is expendable (make certain you don't cut a branch that will ruin the shape of the tree). …

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