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Why Does the UK Public Believe the Media Is So Untrustworthy?

Magazine article Marketing

Why Does the UK Public Believe the Media Is So Untrustworthy?

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One of the few things media folk in Britain can probably agree about is that we enjoy a vibrant, creative, competitive media market.

Our advertising and marketing is surely pretty damned good by international standards and there is a functioning self-regulatory system to ensure trust and credibility.

The national newspaper industry is without parallel in terms of range and diversity. Despite all the forecasts that there would probably be just three national newspapers left by now, every demographic and most political tastes are catered for. The occasional dodgy story still slips through, but most specialists would acknowledge that the Press Complaints Commission, apart from its ability to run spectacular parties, has curbed at least some of the worst excesses of the past.

As for broadcasting, you don't have to be mindlessly jingoistic to point to an impressive range and diversity, even if we do have to put up with a compulsory licence fee to fund it.

Things can't be too bad if there are still people brave enough to make Panorama's 'Who Bombed Omagh', which was a tripple prize-winner at last week's RoyalTelevision Society awards. Whether the schedulers of Panorama are as courageous as the programme-makers is another question.

But do the British people show much gratitude for all these communication riches that are strewn before them? Not according to the latest European Trusted Brands survey for Reader's Digest. British Airways, Nokia and even Beecham's pills are just fine, but not, it seems, the British marketing and media industries. …

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