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Magazine article Insight on the News


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Cuomo Should Be Held Accountable for Deception

Kelly Patricia O'Meara's article ["Cuomo Leaves HUD in Shambles" March 5] is a classic of putting the blame where it belongs.

Former housing and urban development secretary Andrew Cuomo, along with all other Clinton political appointees charged with dispensing U.S. tax dollars without the qualifications to occupy such positions, should be held accountable. He should be charged with fraud for deceiving the American people and having us believe that he executed the duties of his office with sound judgment.

The law should send these "Kennedyites" to jail for misappropriating government funds.

Thanks for a great article. I wish we could prosecute.

Jim Vendors Florissant, Mo.

Government Must Be Careful About Whom They `Assist'

I generally agree with Paul M. Rodriguez's editorial ["A Letter from the Editor" Feb. 26] about promoting faith-based initiatives. However, I am concerned with the general public's perception that their tax dollars are going to faith-based charitable organizations. As a result of this perception, they may reduce their present donations to churches, and a much-needed incentive for charitable giving could wither away. This would result in an overall, loss to charity despite assistance from the government.

There are many communities and individuals, such as the Rev. Wanda McNeill of Southeast Ministry in Washington, with concern for the downtrodden. Most likely, the majority of these religious groups are interested in providing a helping hand and do an outstanding job. However, without sufficient government oversight -- and I suspect there will be very little for this expanded program -- there are many individuals out there who will take advantage of the situation. There will be program abuses with run-up costs.

Self-promoting organizations with excessive administrative expenses (exuberant office expenses, for example) will end up with a large amount of the taxpayers' funds, with minimal or no help to the people they are funded to assist. …

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