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Two Truly Dumb Crooks Get Their Reward

Magazine article Insight on the News

Two Truly Dumb Crooks Get Their Reward

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For the people's Top Truly Dumb (Alleged) Crook Award goes to Gregory Roberts, 43, of Las Cruces, N.M., who managed to get himself trapped inside a public library in the wee hours one morning in mid-October.

Roberts found himself under arrest a little after 2 a.m. on a Tuesday morning after he'd frantically called police from the Branigan Library to come and rescue him. The police in this southern New Mexico town of 65,000 had no problem finding the man's footprints on broken glass by a library window, suggesting that he had forced his way into the building.

In addition, Roberts had cut his hands, evidently on the same glass, Las Cruces Sgt. Joel Cano told the Associated Press. But as he entered the library, the would-be thief found himself trapped between the outer and inner doors of the foyer. He couldn't move forward and he couldn't go back outside.

There only was a pay phone in the foyer, so Roberts, who did have the necessary coins in his pocket, called police, then turned mum: "We couldn't determine what in the world he was doing in there because he invoked his right to an attorney and wouldn't talk to us," said Sgt. Cano, who couldn't resist quipping, "Sometimes, late-night studying just doesn't pay."

Another for the people Top Truly Dumb (Alleged) Crook Award goes to Rodney Allen Heath, who attempted to rob a certain small-town bank in Ohio in October for the third time within a one-month period.

Police said Heath's third attempt to rob the Commercial Bank of Delphos in the tiny town of Gomer in the northwestern part of the state was thwarted when he couldn't get through the bank's front door. …

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