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Magazine article Insight on the News


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Japanese Companies Have Obligation to American POWs

As a World War II Navy veteran of two invasions (Iwo Jima and Okinawa) and six months of occupation in Japan, I believe Stephen Goode's article about Linda Goetz Homes [Picture Profile, March 19] refutes almost everything the American public has been told. It has come to the point where our citizens subliminally are told that the United States really was at fault for the war in the Pacific.

I personally did not have to go through the terrible experience of being taken prisoner, but my father-in-law did. He passed away some years ago, and although he did not talk about his experience, he had symptoms of abuse.

The Japanese companies -- Nippon, Mitsui, Kawasaki and Mitsubishi -- have a responsibility to make an honorable offer to the American prisoners of war who were exploited and abused as slave laborers during the war and to the widows of those who have died.

Byron Hawkins Napa, Calif.

Let the Voter Beware: Do You Really Get What You Pay For?

Proponents of per-diem payments for Congress members [waste & abuse, April 2-9] state that "unless Congress brings its salary into parity with the private sector, the brightest and best will not be able to afford to serve."

Isn't that too bad? But, what the heck -- we haven't had the services of the best and brightest in government for ages.

T.E. Long Altoona, Pa.

First Amendment Shouldn't Put Muzzle on Faith in God

I can remain silent no longer. I don't know how anyone who has read the speeches of our early presidents and the framers of our Constitution can say the First Amendment means what some people say it means today.

Our Founding Fathers were quick to express their faith, pray publicly and call on our citizens to pray for God's protection and guidance. The United States of America was founded on Christian faith, and that is what has made it such a desirable place to live. …

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