Magazine article Insight on the News

A Letter from the Editor

Magazine article Insight on the News

A Letter from the Editor

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Dear Readers,

Good grief, Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism is considering adopting a pledge of integrity for its budding newsmen. Can that be a joke?

What brings this to mind is the atmosphere in Washington post-Clinton, where most everybody -- Democrats and Republicans alike -- has taken to announcing lachrymose regrets about the ethics of the previous eight years at the White House.

If ever a valuable lesson has been learned (just ask Al Gore), it's this: No matter the rules or wishes or wants, no regulatory scheme known to man or woman will monitor or even evaluate character. And no amount of hand-wringing or moaning or clarion calls to high ethical standards ever can compensate for betrayal by a skunk.

But we are a resilient people, gifted by our heritage with an incomparable democratic republic -- the best the world has ever seen -- warts and all. And what does not kill us only makes us stronger.

For more than 200 years, America has survived the worst efforts of knaves and fools to douse her flame of freedom. …

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