Biblioddities! Minnesota Catalogers Reveal the Underbelly of Their Craft - Titles and Headings Twisted beyond Human Endurance

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FOR SEVEN YEARS THE CATAloging staff at Hennepin County (Minn.) Library has gathered and posted nominees for its annual Quasi-Notable Awards. The awards document the underside of the cataloger's rock-the bizarre, ironic, and silly of the bibliographic world-the publishers' eccentricities and subject headings made in hell. The Quasis, until now, have been but a capricious byproduct in the manufacturing of a user-friendly catalog. Now it's time to bring this compendium of "biblioddities" to fight. Enjoy!

Quasi-ironic titles:

The Lighter Side of Gravity The Boyhood of Grace Jones.

Crappie Wisdom. Multiple Sarcasm.

Judo: The Gentle Way The Joy of Stress.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Phobias but Were Afraid to Ask.

How to Repair Food. Good News About Depression.

Looking Forward to Being Attacked. Why Fish Carp?

Reviving the Death Penalty. Fighting a long Nuclear War.

Having a Baby Without a Man. A Juggler's Handbook.

Power Lunching. Bankruptcy. Do It Yourself. The Consumer's Guide to Death, Dying, and

Bereavenwnt. I Left My Fat Behind Longest Dewey: 338.7678991245500977434 (Does that

round up to 338.768?) fLC-assigned to: The Motown Story, Don Waller.] Quasi-best dedication: To our husbands. . .who first interested us

in mating and reproduction. [Successful Dog Breeding.] To my honey. [The Simple Art of Perfect

Baking.] To Pal and his mate descendants who suc

cessfully impersonated Lassie to a generation of moviegoers. [What a Drag: Men as Women and Women as Men in the Movies.] Quasi-perverse subject

headings: Breakfast cereals-Computer-assisted in

struction-Software. [HCL] Truth-Fiction. [HCL] Hormones-Addresses, essays, lectures.

[LC] Hemmorhoids in the Bible. [HCL] Cooking and working mothers. [HCL] Fish pastes. [May subdivide geographi

cally] [LC] Graham crackers and sexuality [HCL] Raccoons-Biography. [LC] Infant psychiatry. [HCL, LC] Turkey-Operas. [HCL] Sex aids (for canaries). [HCL] Game and game-birds, Dressing of. [LC] Quasi-best author blurbs: Denise Austin is the fitness authority on

NBC's "Today" show and. . .wants to meet you and let you feel her tummy. W.R. Philbrick was born in Boston in a

building since demolished. Trials and tribulations cannot break Rod

McKuen's heart. . .after a quarter century of verbal angst and ennui, he's still America's most understood poet. Marc Scott Zicree. . . currently lives in Hol

lywood with a marvelous wife and a vile little dog.

Quasi-success stories:

The Look of Success. A Strategy for success.

The Art of Corporate Success. Relax Yourself to Success.

Executive Success. Dim for Success. Interview for Success

Success is a State of Mind Speak the Language of Success.

The Law of SuccessSuccess Without Stress. …


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