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Wallace Stegner's Angle of Repose

What does this novel gain by having Oliver and Susan's story told by someone who is much more than a mere narrative voice? How do you react to Lyman Ward's own story? What does he hope to learn from writing about his grandparents' fives? Is the experience at all therapeutic for him? How do you imagine Lyman's future?

What does this novel suggest it takes to be successful out West? Why does success elude Oliver?. How far is he to blame for his failures? How does Angle of Repose contradict the popular myths about the pioneering times, and what does the novel say about the study of history in general?

Why do Susan and Oliver marry? What are Susan Burling's expectations? Consider Lyman's words: "Susan Buffing I historically admire, and when she was an old lady I loved her very much. But I wish I could take her by the ear and lead her aside and tell her a few things." What would he tell her?.

Susan misses her old fife: Does the frontier life Stegner describes offer any consolation? How weft does she adapt to her new life?

More than once as he narrates this story, Lyman refers to himself as a "nemesis in a wheelchair. …

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