Beijing, China

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The world as we know it seems to be shrinking in size and distance on one hand, yet becoming ever more complex on the other. We use technology to seek the best design of each product and the manufacturing facility that can deliver a cost-effective product on a "just in time" basis. We are seeking buyers around the globe who desire our product at a profitable price, and who are willing to agree to acceptable terms that meet our predefined standards of risk. In either scenario, we seek to not be constrained by country borders, currency, political or cultural issues.

FCIB, the international arm of NACM, held a news conference on March 15, 2001, at the Beijing International Hotel in the People's Republic of China to announce its First International Trade Finance Conference to be held in China. The news conference as well as the International Trade Finance Conference is a joint enterprise between FCIB and CCPIT, (The China Council for the Promotion of International Trade).

The Conference will take place May 10-12, 2001 at the Beijing Hotel in the heart of China's capital city. The location and collaboration of FCIB and CCPIT will attract companies from around the globe who wish to understand the opportunities in the rapidly growing Chinese market and approximately 200 attendees from within China. The Chinese companies who are seeking to participate in the burgeoning export market hope to gain the knowledge to sell effectively cross-border, offer competitive terms of sale and yet manage their credit portfolio in an acceptable fashion. …


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