Magazine article Computers in Libraries

Mac's Hot Fudge Sundae: FullWrite Professional

Magazine article Computers in Libraries

Mac's Hot Fudge Sundae: FullWrite Professional

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Harriett Johnson is an adjunct laboratory instructor at Hartwick College, and Richard Johnson is the director of libraries, State University College, Oneonta, New York.

Vanilla ice cream is a great old standby. You seldom tire of its classic flavor, but if you want to splurge you order a hot fudge sundae-ice cream, hot fudge sauce, whipped cream, and a maraschino cherry on top.

So it is with word processors for the Macintosh(R) computer. MacWrite(R) is like vanilla ice cream--classic and simple. Besides that, it is easy to learn and easy to use. Coupled with a page make-up program, like PageMaker.sup.TM, it can play a part in preparing handsome and complex publications. But it does have its limits; and when you want to compose a document with special features-for example, three columns to a page or a picture integrated into the text-you turn to more sophisticated word processing programs. Three such programs are Microsoft(R) Word, WordPcrfect.sup.TM and FullWrite Professional..sup.TM

FullWrite Professional

FullWrite Professional is the "newest kid on the block." Long awaited, this word processor was created by Ann Arbor Softworks, Inc., publisher of FullPaint.sup.TM, an enhanced version of MacPaint(R). Ann Arbor Softworks was acquired by AshtonTate Corporation, which finally published FullWrite Professional in 1988.

With its many special enhancements, FullWrite Professional might be termed a hot fudge sundae for the Mac. And naturally it costs more than the plain MacWrite. It has another price, too. FullWrite Professional, if it is to perfrom effectively, makes special demands upon the Macintosh. Memory requirements are high. If your Macintosh has only one megabyte of RAM, you must proceed with care in using the program. The Learning Guide, which is furnished with it, provides numerous tips on the introductory pages: limiting document size, caution in using large font sizes, and discretion when using MultiFinder.sup.TM or certain desk accessories and INIT files.

If you follow these warnings or have a Macintosh with requisite memory and power, then FullWrite Professional can perform at its best. The program includes many elements now considered standard-outlining, provision for notes, search and change functions, a speller, and a thesaurus. It easily handles multiple columns on a page. Like other word processors, it can import pictures, but as a novel attribute it also includes a separate component for creation of obj ect-oriented graphics. A graphic, either imported or created in the program, can be placed in the document with text flowing around it.

Using FullWrite Professional

At the Jeffrey Star Library, Bruce Campbell, acquisitions librarian, likes to show off what FullWrite Professional can do as a word processor. Using it to prepare a new manualfor his departmen% he particularly likes the way he can easily highlight through lines in the left margin the changes made in successive drafts.

A recent document prepared by Bruce illustrates a few of FullWrite Professional's special capabilities. Bruce chairs the committed planning the staff's winter "picnic" at the college's reservation, a recreation area with lodge, pond, and ski trails, a few miles from campus. His announcement for "Snow Saturday" shows how FullWrite Professional can serve both as a word processor and a page make-up program.

The Basic Screen

Figure 1 shows the basic screen display for the program with text for the announcement. Many features seem quite familiar. Bruce inputs text simply in 12 point Geneva, the default font-a typeface easy to read on the screen. The program organizes a document into a series of one or more "chapters." Bruce's announcement is short so it will be considered one chapter. (Chapter 1 is automatically provided in the first ruler.) The second ruler has been inserted to provide for paragraph indentation as well as any needed tab stops. …

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